LinkedDataOps:Quality Oriented End-to-end Geospatial Linked Data Production Governance

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Beyza Yaman
Kevin Thompson
Fergus Fahey
Rob Brennan1

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Guest Editors SW for Industrial Engineering 2022

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Application Report
This work describes the application of semantic web standards to data quality governance of data production pipelines in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) domain for Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi). It illustrates a new approach to data quality governance based on establishing a unified knowledge graph for data quality measurements across a complex, heterogeneous, quality-centric data production pipeline. It provides the first comprehensive formal mappings between semantic models of data quality dimensions defined by the four International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) data quality standards applied by different tools and stakeholders. It provides an approach to uplift rule-based data quality reports into quality metrics suitable for aggregation and end-to-end analysis. Current industrial practice tends towards stove-piped, vendor-specific and domain-dependent tools to process data quality observations however there is a lack of open techniques and methodologies for combining quality measurements derived from different data quality standards to provide end-to-end data quality reporting, root cause analysis or visualization. This work demonstrated that it is effective to use a knowledge graph and semantic web standards to unify distributed data quality monitoring in an organization and present the results in an end-to-end data dashboard in a data quality standards-agnostic fashion for the Ordnance Survey Ireland data publishing pipeline.
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Review #1
By David Chaves-Fraga submitted on 25/Oct/2022
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Thanks to the authors for addressing my previous comments. I think the paper is ready for publication.