LOD4Culture: Easy Exploration of Cultural Heritage Linked Open Data

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Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo

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Guest Editors Interactive SW 2022

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Application Report
LOD4Culture is a web application that exploits Cultural Heritage (CH) Linked Open Data for tourism and education purposes. Since target users are not fluid on Semantic Web technologies, the user interface is designed to hide the intricacies of RDF or SPARQL. An interactive map is provided for exploring world-wide CH sites that can be filtered by type and that uses cluster markers to adapt the view to different zoom levels. LOD4Culture also includes a CH entity browser that builds comprehensive visualization of sites, artists, and artworks. All data exchanges are facilitated through a CRAFTS API that translates REST API calls into SPARQL queries over multiple Linked Open Data sources, including Wikidata and DBpedia. Since March 2022, more than 1.1K users have employed LOD4Culture. The application has been mentioned many times in social media and has been featured in the DBpedia Newsletter and in the open data applications list of datos.gob.es.
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