Ontology for a Panoptes building: exploiting contextual information and a smart camera network

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Roberto Marroquin
Julien Dubois
Christophe Nicolle

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Guest Editors ST Built Environment 2017

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Full Paper
The contextual information in the built environment is highly heterogeneous, it goes from static information (e.g., information about the building structure) to dynamic information (e.g., user's space-time information, sensors detections and events that occurred). This paper proposes to semantically fuse the building's contextual information with extracted data from a smart camera network by using ontologies and semantic web technologies. The developed ontology allows interoperability between the different contextual data and enables, without human interaction, real-time event detections and system reconfiguration to be performed. The use of semantic knowledge in multi-camera monitoring systems guarantees the protection of the user's privacy by not sending nor saving any image, just extracting the knowledge from them. This paper presents a new approach to develop an "all-seeing" smart building, where the global system is the first step to attempt to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a building.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Florian Vandecasteele submitted on 23/Jan/2018
Review Comment:

The authors proposed the WiseNet ontology for combining, analyzing and re-purposing the information from a smart camera network. The described process is interesting and combines different existing ontologies, such as, IFC, event, time. Furthermore, a demonstrator is built to show the procedure of the framework.

Firstly, the authors reformatted the paper according to the comments made during the first and second revision cycle. Secondly, the image processing algorithms are explained more thoroughly. Furthermore the authors plan to submit a deeper comparison and explanation on the computer vision part which is highly encouraged. Finally, the sentences were grammatically corrected. Moreover, careful proofreads by native English speakers were performed to improve the paper quality.

Review #2
Anonymous submitted on 11/Feb/2018
Review Comment:

All the previous remarks have been properly addressed.