The RÉPENER Linked Dataset

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Alvaro Sicilia
German Nemirovski
Marco Massetti
Leandro Madrazo

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Oscar Corcho

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Dataset Description
The dataset presented in this paper constitutes one of the outcomes of RÉPENER, a research project co-funded by the Spanish National RDI plan. It contains integrated information of the Spanish territory regarding energy certification, building monitoring, and geographical data. The integration has been carried out by means of semantic technologies. The adherence to the Linked Data principles guarantees the application of standard methods of accessing data as well as the links to the existing dataset on the Web of Data. The dataset is a knowledge base for end-users. It can be useful for stakeholders involved in the improvement of energy efficiency of buildings to improve their decision-making.
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Minor Revision

Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Danh Le Phuoc submitted on 16/Sep/2013
Review Comment:

The revised version addressed most of my concerns, it's ready for publication in this form.

Review #2
By Raúl García-Castro submitted on 04/Oct/2013
Minor Revision
Review Comment:

The new version of the paper has significantly improved and solves the comments from my previous review.

However, the main drawback of the paper (already mentioned in my previous review) deals with the lack of information about the licensing of the three data sources reused and of the generated dataset. This is something that must be included in the paper, since right now it is not clear to any potential users of the dataset whether it can be used or not (i.e., whether it is "open").

One problem with the ontology file is that it does not use a "cool" URI; i.e., that is not expected to change over time, since the authors are encoding the version number into the ontology URI.

Besides, the ontology file does not contain a description of the ontology itself (i.e., owl:Ontology). Versioning information could be included there.

3.2, last paragraph. The sample URI does not contain underscores.

The paper goes beyond the page limit of 6.

The paper requires a thorough review of the writing. Here are some things I detected but there may be more.
.- 1. "European Union policy" -> "European Union policies"
.- 1. "combines the data" -> "combines data"
.- 1. "energy related data" -> "energy-related data"
.- 1. "presents the related work" -> "presents related work"
.- 3. "coded in OWL" -> "coded in the OWL"
.- 3. "in specifics cases" -> "in specific cases"
.- 3. "queries of large" -> "queries over large"
.- 3.1. "data sources to RDF" -> "data sources into RDF"
.- 3.1. "by D2R" -> "by a D2R"
.- 3.1. "to Virtuoso" -> "to a Virtuoso"
.- 3.2. "the energy standard, data is based on" -> "the energy standard in which data is based on"?
.- 3.2. "(For" -> "(for"
.- 3.3. "as Aemet" -> "as the Aemet"
.- 3.3. "with Aemet" -> "with the Aemet"
.- 3.3. "with" -> "with the"
.- 3.3. " dataset" -> "The dataset"
.- 3.3. "complements that of" -> "complement those of"
.- 3.3. "for the users since" -> "for users, since"
.- 3.3. ") 9" and ") 10" -> ")9" and ")10"
.- 3.3. "to GADM" -> "to the GADM"
.- 4.2. "indicators are shown" -> "indicators is shown"
.- 4.2. "building and other" -> "buildings and other"
.- 4.3. "of the buildings" -> "of buildings"
.- 4.3. "help the users" -> "helps the users"
.- 4.5. "building's properties" -> "buildings' properties"
.- 5. "energy related data" -> "energy-related data"
.- 6. "to Aemet" -> "to the Aemet"
.- 6. ".." -> "."
.- Both "e.g." and "e.g.," are used in the paper. Unify.