Rightsizing HVAC components using an ontology-driven Common Data Environment

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Ali Kücükavci
Mikki Seidenschnur
Pieter Pauwels
Sara Juul Rhiger
Kristoffer Negendahl
Christian Anker Hviid

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Eva Blomqvist

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Full Paper
This study aims to improve data exchange between building information modelling (BIM) and building energy modelling (BEM) tools to aid HVAC engineers in applying rightsizing methods. An ontology-driven common data environment (CDE) is developed consisting of a centralized repository and four tools: a BIM model, a hydraulic calculation engine, a whole-building simulation engine and a data visualization tool. The study uses a primary school building in Denmark within a demonstration environment and evaluates the impact of rightsizing methods on indoor climate, material consumption, and energy consumption. The demonstration environment showcases the effectiveness of an ontology-driven common data environment in representing and managing heterogeneous building information throughout the HVAC design process. However, the study has limitations, such as only focusing on the ventilation system of an already-constructed building, not considering other HVAC systems, and using only one building. Further studies are needed to generalize the findings and consider factors such as user behaviour and energy sources.
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