The Rijksmuseum Collection as Linked Data

Tracking #: 1382-2594

Chris Dijkshoorn
Lizzy Jongma
Lora Aroyo
Jacco van Ossenbruggen
Guus Schreiber
Wesley ter Weele
Jan Wielemaker

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Harith Alani

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Dataset Description
Many museums are currently providing online access to their collections. The state of the art research in the last decade shows that it is beneficial for institutions to provide their datasets as Linked Data in order to achieve easy cross-referencing, interlinking and integration. In this paper, we present the Rijksmuseum linked dataset (accessible at, along with collection and vocabulary statistics, as well as lessons learned from the process of converting the collection to Linked Data. The version of March 2016 contains over 350,000 objects, including detailed descriptions and high-quality images released under a public domain license.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Eetu Mäkelä submitted on 15/Jun/2016
Minor Revision
Review Comment:

I thank the authors for their work in addressing all my previous comments in an eloquent manner.

I do have one final important request: from elsewhere it has come to my attention that the collapsing of distinct creator roles into dc:creator and dc:contributor affects much more prevalent and important roles than the given example of "rejected creator". I wish the text would be more upfront about this, saying how much information is really being lost (and giving better examples of what kind, including e.g. the designer and printmaker roles) are being so collapsed. Or even better, just improve the dataset by adding these distinct properties in addition to the dc:creator/dc:contributor ones in a separate namespace.

Review #2
By Dana Dannells submitted on 03/Jul/2016
Review Comment:

The authors have submitted modified and enhanced version av the paper for the third time. They explicitly state the quality and stability of the dataset and its usefulness. The paper is clear and well-written.