TermIt: Managing Legal Thesauri

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Petr Křemen
Michal Med
Miroslav Blasko
Lama Saeeda
Martin Ledvinka1
Alan Buzek

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Guest Editors Tools Systems 2022

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Tool/System Report
Thesauri are simple enough to be understood by domain experts yet formal enough to boost use cases like semantic search. Still, linking the meanings of thesauri concepts to their definitions in source documents, interlinking concepts across thesauri, and keeping the set of concepts semantically consistent and ready for subsequent conceptual modeling require appropriate tools. We present TermIt, a web-based thesauri manager addressing these issues. We show a scenario in the urban planning domain, and compare TermIt to other tools in this scenario. Next, we evaluate TermIt features and usability and discuss its impact beyond the original scenario.
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