Weather Data Publication on the LOD using SOSA/SSN Ontology

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Catherine Roussey

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Guest Editors Sensors Observations 2018

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Dataset Description
This paper presents an RDF dataset on meteorological measurements. The measurements come from one weather station of the Irstea experimental farm located in Montoldre. The measurements are produced from August 2018 up to now. They are transformed and published as Linked Open Data. The data schema is based on the new version of the Semantic Sensor Network ontology (SSN). This ontology version integrates the Sensor, Observation, Sample, and Actuator pattern (SOSA). We first present the network of ontologies used to organize the data. Then, the transformation process to publish the dataset is detailed. To conclude we present some querying use cases related to Irstea research projects.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
Anonymous submitted on 03/Sep/2019
Minor Revision
Review Comment:

The revised version addressed all my previous comments. English language and style are fine/minor spell check required.

Review #2
By Sebastian Neumaier submitted on 04/Sep/2019
Minor Revision
Review Comment:

The authors directly addressed and clarified my comments.

I understand that the dataset is updated regularly, and that there is at the moment no need for a data dump (since there is a working endpoint available and used).
However, I am not really happy about the response regarding the data dump: sending me an (expired!) link to download the dataset ( was not the intention of my question.

Having all the links and example queries on the website is a good idea and certainly helps! (Although as a URL for data from 2018 is quite confusing..)

However, I still have the feeling that the writing, the general formatting, and the impression of the paper, can/should be improved for publishing in the SWJ.
For instance:
- In the "introduction" section there is no introduction as you would expect it; what did you do (a bit more background and details), why did you do it (a bit of motivation)..
- The Datahub link in Table 5 is not working
- The Fig. 5 is not readable in print and also hardly readable on screen. (Also a screenshot with other, unrelated, open tabs looks a bit weird in a journal publication.)

Review #3
Anonymous submitted on 08/Sep/2019
Review Comment:

I highly appreciate the efforts of the authors to answer with details and clarify some concerns I had in the previous submission. The newly submitted version of the paper clearly answer some main shortcomings of the previous version. IMHO, the paper as-it-is is ready for acceptance and publication in this special issue of the journal.

Minor comments
Please, remove spaces in sosa:Platform, sosa:Sensor, sosa:SensingDevice (P.2-3)
Reference [11] is about version 1.2, while the namespaces used for qudts: and qudt: uses 1.1. Could you check if the reference is aligned with the use of the namespaces. FWIW, there is a new website for QUDT at, managed by the QUDT non-profit organization.
P.6 - How do you avoid creating duplicate values of sosa:Results? Is that based on the URI creation? if not, please briefly mention how this task is achieved.
Section 5.1: interlinking. Please, mention how do you perform interlinking. Is this manual or automatic linking? Same concern for skos:exactMatch links between sosa:ObservableProperty and skos:Concept.
What’s the goal of Figure 5? Could you add some words on the goal of the query? Please, adjust the figure because it’s hard to read.

s/users newbies/ newbies users ?!