This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Publishing planned, live and historical public transport data on the Web with the Linked Connections framework Accept 3,056 08/Jun/2023
FoT-Rules: A Semantic Rule-based Approach for Smart Spaces Through Fog of Things Reject (Two Strikes) 3,059 03/Jan/2020
Building and Mining Knowledge Graphs for Newsroom Systems Reject 3,062 07/Aug/2019
Linked Data Completeness: A Systematic Literature Review Reject (Two Strikes) 3,063 15/Nov/2020
Semantics-Aware Shilling Attacks against collaborative recommender systems via Knowledge Graphs Major Revision 3,074 20/Sep/2022
Attribute Ordered Formal Concept Analysis for Ontology Change Evaluation Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,075 03/May/2018
Optimizing Tableau Reasoning: a Prolog-based Framework Reject (Two Strikes) 3,079 03/Aug/2020
Terminology and Ontology for Cultural Heritage Application to Chinese Ceramic Vessels: The TAO CI Project Reject 3,081 25/Feb/2020
Handling Qualitative Preferences in SPARQL over Virtual Ontology-Based Data Access Minor Revision 3,082 02/Sep/2021
Structurally Mapping Health Data to HL7 FHIR through Ontology Alignment Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,083 14/Nov/2018
MADLINK: Attentive Multihop and Entity Descriptions for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs Accept 3,095 17/Oct/2022
Analyzing Biography Collections Historiographically as Linked Data: Case National Biography of Finland Accept 3,103 10/Aug/2022
Application Domains of Aspect and Sentiment Classification Techniques: A Critical Evaluation Survey Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,120 19/Dec/2018
How much Knowledge is in Knowledge Graphs? - A Knowledge Management Perspective Major Revision 3,120 16/Jun/2021
Diversicon: towards Pluggable Lexical Domain Knowledge Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,122 03/Aug/2018
Dynamic Linked Data: The Future is Now Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,124 12/Dec/2018
Semanticizing Sociability: Documenting Relationships in the context of Cultural Heritage Major Revision 3,129 15/Feb/2022
Administrative Processes Management of University Via Agent-Based Semantic Web Framework Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,135 29/May/2018
SWApriori: A New Approach to Mining Association Rules from Semantic Web Data Directly Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,148 12/Apr/2018
TermitUp: Generation and Enrichment of Linked Terminologies Accept 3,151 26/Jul/2022
Multi-lingual Sentiment Analysis – A Machine Learning Approach Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,151 16/Apr/2018
Graph4Code: A Machine Interpretable Knowledge Graph for Code Reject 3,153 30/Nov/2020
Coordinating Coronavirus Research with IDO-COVID-19 Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,157 16/Nov/2020
Semantic Similarity Based on Transfer Learning Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,168 03/Jul/2018
The RESCS Ontology: linking Open Research Data from multiple sources to support interdisciplinary investigations Reject 3,171 11/Jun/2021
Online approximative SPARQL query processing for COUNT-DISTINCT queries with Web Preemption Accept 3,172 06/May/2022
SpeCS - An Efficient and Comprehensive SPARQL Query Containment Solver Reject 3,177 11/May/2021
An Ontology for Ethical AI Principles Reject 3,189 10/Aug/2021
Foundational Patterns Benchmark Reject (Two Strikes) 3,194 16/Nov/2020