This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
A Topic Ontology for Modeling Topics of Old Press Articles Reject 3,207 23/Jul/2020
G-OWL: A Complete Visual Syntax for OWL 2 Modeling and Communication Reject 3,207 14/Feb/2021
Observational/Hydrographic data of the South Atlantic Ocean published as LOD Accept 3,208 14/Feb/2021
Smart and Incremental Model to Build Clustered Trending Topics of Web Documents Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,208 25/Feb/2018
A Shape Expression approach for assessing the quality of Linked Open Data in Libraries Accept 3,210 18/Aug/2021
ML-Schema: An interchangeable format for description of machine learning experiments Reject (Two Strikes) 3,211 16/Oct/2019
Transforming generic XML schemas into HTML5 forms Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,216 09/May/2017
Being in Social Architectures - A Case study of Knowledge Professionals’ Experiences of Being in Social Enterprise Media Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,225 19/Jul/2016
Application of Semantic Web Technology to regulations Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,228 26/Nov/2017
An interoperable system towards cardiac risk stratification from ECG monitoring Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,230 21/Dec/2016
Ontology Development Life Cycle: A Review Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,232 09/Mar/2018
Focused Categorization Power of Ontologies: General Framework and Study on Simple Existential Concept Expressions Reject 3,233 28/Aug/2020
Selected Papers from EKAW 2018 Accept 3,239 13/Nov/2020
Marifa: Turning Publishers Catalogs’ Data into Linked Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,243 16/Aug/2016
Open Science Data and the Semantic Web Journal Accept 3,248 01/Mar/2021
A Model for Content Enrichment of Institutional Repositories Using Linked Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,259 19/Aug/2016
SCALEUS: Semantic Web Services Integration for Biomedical Applications Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,260 27/Sep/2016
Automatic Ontology Construction from Qur'anic Relationships Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,260 24/Oct/2016
SPARQL Query-Based Consistent Information Retrieval on Linked Open Data based on Redundant Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,268 09/Jan/2017
Norwegian State of Estate Report as Linked Open Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,270 06/Apr/2017
A Semantic Approach to Model Multimedia Information and Social Networks for Cultural Heritage Reject 3,272 29/Apr/2020
BDTM: Bidirectional Data Transformation Model for RDB and RDF Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,276 24/Jan/2017
Privacy in Mobile Cloud based IoT Framework using Link Data Extraction Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,286 04/May/2017
FIDES: An Ontology-based approach for making Machine Learning systems Accountable Major Revision 3,292 25/Apr/2022
A Compressed Binary String Labeling Scheme for Dynamic Update of XML documents Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,295 06/Apr/2017
Ontology-Based Reasoning to find optimal logistic web-service Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,296 27/Mar/2017
SRNA: Semantics-aware Recurrent Neural Architecture for classification of document fragments Reject 3,306 21/Jun/2018
Survey of Instance Matching Techniques for Linked Data Interlinking Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,311 04/May/2017
Web Content Extraction Using Context Variables Reject (Pre-Screening) 3,311 24/Jun/2016