Ranking Semantic Web Access Control Systems

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Riste Stojanov
Slobodanka Stojanova
Milos Jovanovik
Vladimir Zdraveski
Dimitar Trajanov

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Guest Editors Benchmarking Linked Data 2017

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Full Paper
The semantic web technologies are widely accepted for annotation and publishing general knowledge and open data that should be accessible to anyone. However, the adoption of the semantic web in the enterprises is not that common, even though these technologies and standards solve one of the most profound challenges: data integration and alignment of multiple systems. The main obstacle for the enterprise semantic web are the firm security requirements in the Corporations. Even though multiple initiatives work on solving this problem, there is no clear path for deciding which approach or system is most suitable for a given security requirements. This paper proposes an evaluation and context dependent ranking that is based on linear combination of the access control aspects' numerical indicators.
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